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Free Bet Review publishes: information on free bets, betting offers and online bookmaker reviews; for the Australian sporting public. We have been providing online sports betting services since 2012. In that time, we have helped thousands of customers register an account with a new bookmaker and qualify for, and enjoy, free bets.

We were also the first website in the industry to consistently publish betting promotions from Australian bookmakers, a service which we continue to deliver today.

Worldwide sports news for Australian customers

We provide information on sports events throughout the world. If you can find a market on a soccer event in Finland, then we can point you towards the best deal for that match. The offers that we publish on our site are directed at Australian and New Zealand customers but in many instances are also available to visitors from further abroad.

A team of sports enthusiasts

Free Bet Review is comprised of a team of sports betting enthusiasts. For over 15 years, we would regularly communicate with each other the best bets and the best deals on offer for certain horse racing and sport events. We took delight in finding great value offers and would share them amongst our group.

In 2012, we decided to formalise our communication for the benefit of all Australian sports fans with the development of https://www.freebetreview.com.au/.

Our website has increased the enjoyment we derive from the industry. We continue to strive to find great value offers from Australian bookmakers and are proud to be able to share this information so that you.

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