AFL Fantasy Punt

March 15, 2017

AFL fantasy betting

AFL fantasy games have experienced astronomical growth over the past few years. What all started just on 15 years ago with the AFL Dream Team competition is now a fully-fledged, professional industry. It's even possible to place a wager on the outcome of a fantasy event. Australian betting agencies are now cashing on the Australian fantasy sports phenomenon by offering markets on AFL fantasy outcomes.

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Official AFL fantasy game

To start, it's worth pointing out that the AFL runs the official fantasy game for its code. Similar to it's own footy tipping competition, the game is free to enter, and players have the chance to win great prizes. It's also the official scoring system used by the bookmakers in setting their fantasy betting markets and determining the success of each wager. You can enter the AFL fantasy competition and find out more details on how to play by visiting the official site here.

Bet types available on fantasy games

The different types of wagers that can be placed on AFL fantasy games varies. For example, CrownBet, offers up to 40 different markets for AFL fantasy players. Markets include:

  • Most fantasy points overall
  • Most fantasy points per team
  • Head to head betting between 2 players
  • Group betting (highest scoring player from selected group)
  • Handicap betting

Bookmakers that offer fantasy betting

Despite it's growing popularity, AFL fantasy sports betting is only offered by a select number of agencies. However, at this point in time, no AFL bonuses or promotions are available that relate specifically to fantasy betting.

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BetEasy fantasy betting


  • Offers up to 40 markets

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Sportsbet AFL fantasy


  • Multiple fantasy markets

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Other fantasy options

Back in 2013, Luxbet, in conjunction with the AFL, attempted to run the 'AFL Fantasy Punt' product. However, the website never really garnered much interest, or at least, not enough for it to survive. It now appears as though the Tabcorp backed betting agency may have been a bit early with their fantasy foray, or more accurately, a little too hasty in shelving the innovative concept. Perhaps though, they didn't quite get the format right.

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Draftstars is a fantasy sports platform. Rather than allow betting on fantasy outcomes, they run competitions whereby the winner claims the prize pool. The catch here is, that the competitions cost money to enter, and as such, is considered a form of wagering, although quite different to the Luxbet Fantasy Punt concept, and different to the straight up fantasy betting markets offered by bookmakers. Draftstars is a joint venture between Fox Sports and the betting company BetEasy.

Whether it be via the AFL's free competition, the betting markets offered by bookmakers, or the Draftstars competition platform, one thing is for certain, AFL fantasy football is here to stay.