BetEasy AFL footy tipping

March 18, 2019

BetEasy official AFL tipping competition

Australian betting site BetEasy, proud partner of the Australian Football League, is offering additional prize money for its members that enter the AFL's official tipping competition for the 2019 season. The competition is open to all BetEasy account holders and is free of charge. The official AFL tipping competition carries with it prizes worth $50,000, BetEasy members will compete for an additional $30,000 in prizes.

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Entry is free!

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BetEasy tipping competition key details

  • Select the winner of every AFL match in every Round
  • Entry into the AFL Tipping competition is free
  • If you are a BetEasy account holder you can win additional prizes
  • Weekly prize for AFL entrants is $1,000
  • Weekly prize for BetEasy members is $10,000

How the tipping competition works

To play the official AFL tipping competition, you need to enter your tips for all matches each week. For one match in every Round, the AFL will nominate a Margin Game. You will need to nominate a points margin for the side that you think will win the Margin Game. If you correctly select all nine winners in any given Round, the points margin will be used distinguish the best tipster for that Round of AFL action.

Weekly prizes

Should you select all winners correctly and have the nearest points margin of all participants, you will share the weekly AFL prize pool worth $300. This is the important part, if you are a BetEasy account holder, you will instead win $300 plus an additional $1,000 in prizes. You will only compete against BetEast account holders for the additional prize pool. The weekly prize amount is on a par with Sportsbet's AFL Million Dollar Tipping Competition.

Overall prize pool

The overall winner is the entrant that tips the most winners for all 22 Rounds of AFL action. If there is more than one winner, the cumulative points margin will decide the outright winner. The overall prize for the AFL competition is worth $45,000. If you win this prize and are a BetEasy member, you will receive an additional $10,000 in prizes.

The Gauntlet Competition

In addition to the straightforward tipping competition, the AFL is also running the Gauntlet Competition from Round 5 onwards. Entry is free and you only need to select one team to win every Round. However, if they fail to win when you select them, you will be eliminated from the Gauntlet Competition. The winner of the Gauntlet Competition will receive $1,000 in prizes.

Pick 5 Competition

From Round 11 onwards, the AFL will run the Pick 5 Competition; another subsidiary of the Official 2019 Footy Tipping Competition. You must select a minimum of five winners each week from the available fixtures. If you fail to get a minimum of five tips you will be eliminated. The winner at the end of the season will collect a prize pool worth $1,000.

How to Enter

  • Register a BetEasy account
  • Submit your tips for Round 1
  • Enter a points margin for the Margin Game
  • Continue to enter your tips every week