Centrebet had a long and proud history of bookmaking in Australia. They were the first bookmaker to operate online in the country. In 2013, the Centrebet brand was purchased by William Hill, in a deal that also included the purchase of the Sportingbet business. In 2018, William Hill merged with CrownBet and Centrebet to form BetEasy. You can read our full review of BetEasy here.

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  • Centrebet became BeyEasy

Centrebet review

Centrebet is one of Australia's last remaining original online wagering brands. Despite being owned by William Hill, they serve their loyal customers and continually appeal to new ones. This is due largely to their no nonsense approach to bookmaking and their array of betting products. In early 2017, Centrebet revamped their operation to entice big bettors, by promising to set much higher winning limits.

Their CentreBest racing product is in some instances, a better value proposition than the Best of the Best product offered by Palmerbet. In Australia, only Bet365 offers a similar bet type, whereby the customer receives the better of the fixed odds at time of placing a bet, or the official starting price. Customers are also able to place any form of exotic bet on horse racing events, with the exception of the Big 6. Centrebet have endured because they are a reputable, serviceable bookmaker and we highly recommend them.

Centrebet rating
  • Sign up bonus -
  • Accept large bets - 100
  • Bet types - 90


Despite doing away with their new member bonus, Centrebet still has plenty to offer punters, especially those that bet big. The revamped bookmaker promises to take on winning bettors, and large wagers.


Bonuses and Promotions

Once upon a time, Centrebet were at the forefront of aggressive marketing tactics by online betting agencies to offer their customers weekly bonuses and promotions. Whilst they still do offer their customers sports promotions, it is by invitation only. Nonetheless, they still provide some promotional markets and betting specials, it's just that they don't include any bonus money, unlike the promotions offered by the likes of BetEasy.

AFL betting

Centrebet provides an enormous amount of betting markets for upcoming AFL matches. They are also one of few bookmakers to offer AFL fantasy betting markets. They no longer provide AFL bonuses and betting offers.

Centrebet's betting products


Centrebet's 'CentreBEST' racing bet type is a great product for the serious racegoer. Punters receive the better of: the fixed price at the time of betting, or the best of 3 totes. This bet type is a particularly good option for bets placed long before the race start. Centrebest can often pay a higher dividend than 'best of the best'.

For example, if you like an outsider on a Saturday morning you can lock in a fixed price of say $21. If one of the 3 totes pays higher than $21 eg. $28.80, you will receive the $28.80! This is a very handy bet type to use well before the start of a race if you believe your selection represents very good odds and is likely to be backed in.

Best Tote Exotics

Centrebet is offering Best Tote EXotics throughout the Spring Racing Carnival. This means you can place a quaddie with Centrebet and be paid the best dividend from the 3 totes! This ensures you can maximise your returns throughout the Spring Carnival.

Protest Payout

Centrebet has joined the growing band of bookmakers to pay out if your horse is first past the post but subsequently loses in a protest. This promotion applies to single win bets.

Starting price guarantee

Similar to the CentreBest product, the starting price guarantee pays the better of the fixed odds at the time of betting of the official starting price. It is usually only valued in the 30 minutes prior to the start of a race.

Pick Your Own line

Centrebet also offer the Pick Your Own Line bet type. This product allows you to select the line that you believe is most appropriate for a given match. The product has revolutionised line betting and is now available on the Centrebet mobile site.

Pick Your Own Field

Another bet type unique to Centrebet is the Pick Your own Field product. It allows you to select your own horse field from within the official race. You then select the winner from your selected field at the adjusted odds.


Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is available at Centrebet.com. If you have an iPhone you can download the app from the Centrebet website. You can now use the popular Pick Your Own Line product on your phone or tablet.

Centrebet Turf Wars

Centrebet ran the hugely popular Turf Wars free tipping competition up until 2012. To find out more about this free tipping competition see our dedicated Centrebet Turf Wars page.