CrownBet AFL $500,000 Tipping Giveaway

March 18, 2018

CrownBet's free AFL tipping competition

As the official betting partner of the Australian Football League, CrownBet is able to provide its members with the opportunity to win $250,000 in cash for correctly tipping all 9 winners in Round 1 of the 2018 AFL season. Entry is free, all you need to do is submit your tips.

AFL tipping competition highlights

Round 1 only. Entry is free!

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CrownBet tipping competition key details

  • Select the winners from every AFL match in Round 1
  • Entry into the AFL Tipping competition is free
  • Register as a CrownBet member in order to participate
  • Only one entry is permitted per member
  • There is no points margin requirement

CrownBet AFL tipping competition explanatory graphic

How it works

In previous years, CrownBet offered additional prize money as part of the official AFL tipping competition that ran the full length of the season. In 2018, they are offering a $250,000 cash bonanza for just Round 1 of the season! The competition is very straight-forward, all you need to do is submit your 9 tips for the Round 1 matches. If you correctly select the 9 winners, you will share in the $250,000 first prize.

You will need to register as a CrownBet member in order to play. One benefit of doing so is that it will provide you with access to CrownBet Rewards, a loyalty program whereby you can earn points and then redeem them on non-cash prizes.

By way of comparison, Sportsbet's AFL tipping competition is a season-long tipping competition. The overall winner's cheque is more valuable but Round 1 weekly prize is far more lucrative.

Other CrownBet benefits

CrownBet offers several other benefits to new members both through their rewards program and their wagering service. Members are able to take advantage of weekly promotions offered on AFL matches, and new members may also be eligible for a valuable sign up bonus. You can enter the CrownBet AFL tipping competition and register an account with them here.

Live vision of all AFL matches

In addition to the free tipping competition, CrownBet members are entitled to view live vision of all AFL matches. This is a free benefit, all you need is to be a member of CrownBet.