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June 8, 2018

CrownBet's World Cup Predictor competition

The best way to take part in the FIFA World Cup without having to part with a cent, is by entering CrownBet's Predictor tipping competition. There are two ways to win playing the CrownBet Predictor: by selecting the correct scoreline in any Group match, and by tipping the result from each match of the 48 Group matches.

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All Group matches. Entry is free!

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World Cup predictor details

  • Select the winner from every World Cup Group match
  • Entry into the CrownBet Predictor competition is free
  • Register as a CrownBet member in order to participate
  • Win CrownBet Rewards on every match by selecting the correct score
  • Share in the overall $50,000 cash prize

CrownBet Predictor explanatory graphic

What you need to do

To enter the 2018 CrownBet Predictor competition, you simply need to be a CrownBet member.

Once you are logged into your account, navigate to the 'Predictor' page and start selecting a winner and score line from each 2018 FIFA World Cup Group match.

There are two ways to win

If you have the highest total from 48 Group matches, you will share in the $50,000 cash prize. If you are the sole winner, you'll take the entire $50k, if there are five winners, you'll receive $10,000. The second way to win is by earning CrownBet Rewards points by selecting the correct score in each of the Group matches. Out of 48 matches, chances are you'll earn yourself some Rewards points throughout the World Cup. These Rewards points can be redeemed and use as bonus bets with BetEasy at any time.

Other World Cup promotions

The CrownBet Predictor competition is not the only freebie on offer from betting sites. There is a slew of betting promotions available on the 2018 World Cup. Though unlike the Predictor competition, most involve placing a bet before earning any sort of bonus.