How to get Bonus Bets

March 16, 2020

A guide to get Bonus Bets in 2020?

The Australian government introduced legislation in 2019 that banned sign up bonuses in Australia, but, if you are eligible, you can still get bonus bets. We tell you how you can secure bonus bets from bookmaker betting promotions in 2020.

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Bonus bets from betting promotions

Betting promotions are offers provided by betting sites to new and existing customers that may involve: a bet refund, double winnings, boosted odds or an early payout. Typically, you can get bonus bets if certain criteria in the betting promotion is triggered.

How betting promotions work

Most betting promotions require you to place a qualifying bet. This initial wager qualifies you for the promotion. For example, let’s consider an NRL bonus bet refund offer with Palmerbet. The offer states that ’All head-to-head bets placed on all NRL matches will be refunded as a bonus bet if your team leads at 60 minutes but then loses’. We explain the key elements of the promotion below:

  • Qualifying bet: ‘Head-to-head bet placed on an NRL match’
  • Criteria: ‘If your team leads at 60 minutes but then loses’
  • Reward if criteria is met: A ‘bonus bet’ in lieu of your bet stake

Typically, all promotions require you to place a qualifying bet so that you can participate in the offer. Most betting promotions require your bet to meet certain criteria before a bonus is awarded.

The following betting sites all provide betting promotions to customers that give you the opportunity to get a bonus bet. Please note: If you are resident of NSW, SA and WA, you may not be able to participate in some betting promotions.

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Types of promotions that reward you in bonus bets

There are several different types of betting promotions from which you can get bonus bets. These include:

  • Qualifying bet offers
  • Horse racing bonus bet refunds
  • AFL bonus bet refunds
  • NRL bonus bet refunds
  • Multi bet refunds
  • Same Game Multi refunds

Qualifying bet offers

A qualifying bet offer is the most generous form of betting promotion. This promotion allows you to get a bonus bet just for betting on a specified event.

Horse racing bet refunds

Most betting sites offer horse racing bet refunds. Typically, these promotions are associated with fixed odds betting, where you can receive a bonus bet if your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd.

AFL bonus bet refunds

AFL bonus bets are available for promotions that offer refunds. An example of a promotion is ‘If your team leads by 18 points but then loses, we will refund your bet stake with a bonus bet’.

NRL bonus bet refunds

NRL offers are similar to those available on AFL matches. Bonus bets may be available for promotions that state; ‘If your team scores the first try but loses, we will refund your stake with a bonus bet’.

Multi bet refunds

Multi bet refunds are typically available with BetEasy and Sportsbet. If you place a multi bet consisting of for or more legs that qualifies for a promotion, you can get a bonus bet if one of those legs fails to win.

Same Game Multi refunds

Same Game Multi bonuses are very similar to the multi bet refunds. If one leg fails, you can score a bonus bet refund.

Other bonuses available with betting promotions

There are several other betting promotions that allow you to score bonuses from bookmakers, however, they are not always paid out as bonus bets.

Double winnings

A double winnings promotion is where the betting site pays you double the winnings you would otherwise normally receive from the winning bet. The additional winnings are paid in cash as a bonus.

Early payouts

Early payouts may just be the most lucrative of all the available betting promotions, in our opinion they are more valuable than bonus bets. Early payouts are where the bookmaker pays out your bet as a winner before the event is complete. So, your bet can be paid out as a winner, even if your original selection goes on to lose the match. The criteria for the early payout becomes very important; the narrower the margin, the more likely it is for your bet to be paid out. Early payout offers are commonly available with AFL betting promotions.

Other ways to secure bonus bets

It is still possible to get bonus bets even without participating in betting promotions.

Deposit match offer

Your existing bookmaker may contact you directly via email to offer you a deposit match offer. For example, the offer might say ’We will match the value of your next deposit up to $100’. Offers of this type are not advertised and are only available to existing customers, they are not new member bonuses. Deposit match offers are sometimes called reload bonuses.

Where can I find betting promotions?

It’s not always easy to find betting promotions, especially from bookmakers that you do not have an account with. We publish betting promotions from bookmakers and categorise them by sport. The Free Bettor website also publishes betting promotions and allows you to sort them by bookmaker. Alternatively, you can login in to your existing bookmaker accounts and navigate to the promotions page, or set up accounts with new betting sites.