Sportsbet AFL Fantasy League Competition

March 4, 2014

Sportsbet AFL fantasy

Register with and play the free AFL Fantasy Game for season 2014. Receive free bets and prizes for winning each round, each month, plus the overall season prize. This is the only AFL Fantasy Game offered by an Australian bookie this year!

Sportsbet AFL fantasy league

Sportsbet AFL Fantasy Competition Prizes

The overall winner of the Sportsbet AFL Fantasy Game will enjoy $4,000 worth of free bets. This prize will be awarded to the team that earns the most number of points throughout the 2014 season.

$4,000 Free bet for first prize

The highest scoring team throughout the year will collect the first prize which is a $4,000 free bet bundle with

Overall Prizes on Offer
– 1st Prize = $4,000 free bet
– 2nd Prize = $2,000 free bet
– 3rd Prize = $1,000 free bet
– 4th Prize = $500 free bet
– 5th Prize = $250 free bet

Sportsbet AFL Fantasy Weekly Prizes

The highest scoring team from each AFL round will receive a $200 free bet. Free bets will be awarded to the top 15 fantasy teams per round.

Weekly Prizes
– 1st Prize = $200 free bet
– 2nd Prize = $100 free bet
– 3rd Prize = $50 free bet
– 4th Prize = $25 free bet
– 5th Prize = $20 free bet
– 6th-15th Prizes = $10 free bet

How to Play the AFL Fantasy Tipping Competition

Each AFL fantasy team must select a total number of 33 players. The total value of the team must not exceed the salary cap of $8,000,000.

Sportsbet AFL Fantasy Point Scoring

– Kick = 4 points
– Handball = 2 points
– Mark = 4 points
– Tackle = 6 points
– Free Kick For = 1 point
– Free Kick Against = -3 points
– Hit Out = 1 point
– Goal = 12 points
– Behind = 1 point

Managing Your AFL Fantasy Team

– 22 Players comprise starting line up each round
– You may make unlimited trades until round 1
– 2 Trades are allowed per round and a maximum of 24 for the season
– Select 3 emergencies each week who may act as substitutes for late withdrawals
– The team captain will score double points, nominate a captain before each round

Create a Private or Public League for your AFL Fantasy Game

Players may enter their team in up to 3 different private or public leagues. Play with friends or colleagues or simply enter a public league.

How to Enter the AFL Fantasy Game

Entry to the Sportsbet AFL Fantasy Game is absolutely free. You will need to register an account with Sportsbet if you aren’t already a member. You can register by visiting at Sportsbet. New accounts do NOT need to deposit or place any bets in order to qualify for entry to the Sportsbet AFL Fantasy Game. Once registered, log in and select the ‘play AFL Fantasy’ option from the competitions page.

Score a $250 free bet for your trouble!

If you are new Sportsbet, you can receive a $250 free bet by visiting at Sportsbet.